Concept Sketch


Highland Park  2011

Stanford  2010

Los Altos  2013

Michael's focus on site-specific, integrated works that respond to their environment has generated some of his most unique and successful projects.  His commissions range in scope from interior tabletop sculptures to architectural scale installations and water features.  Michael is happy to work directly with a client or with the project’s interior or landscape designer, architect or landscape architect. The process will vary depending on the client and setting but is usually structured around the following steps:

Consultation/Site Survey – Visiting a site in person allows Michael to gain the inspiration and understanding that will inform his designs, but for projects where this is not possible he can get a sense from photos, plans or construction documents.  In addition to appraising the site, Michael is looking for a deeper understanding of how his work can contribute to the client’s overall vision.  At this stage a collaborative dialogue often opens between the artist and the client or designer.

Concept Sketches – Emerging from the initial meeting and any subsequent dialogue or research, 2-5 concept directions are submitted in the form of sketches.

Preliminary Design – Based on feedback and dialogue with the client, one concept direction is chosen to develop into a preliminary design in the form of a color rendering, 3d model, material sample, or other appropriate representation.

Full Proposal – Once the preliminary design has been refined and approved, Michael will submit a full proposal including detailed cost/budget, scope of work, timeline, and contract.

Fabrication & Installation – Fabrication proceeds according to the contract timeline.  The client is frequently updated on progress and welcome to visit the studio during the process.

For more information about the commission process or to schedule a consultation, please contact us.